Stephen Merchant Feels Too Geeky To Attract Women!

resizedimageStephen Merchant, thirty eight year old, is too geeky to attract woman. He is an English writer an radio presenter, he appeared in the television series Life’s Too Short. Well he is feeling this although he has found Hollywood success. He and long term writing partner Ricky Gervais had a good run in the U.S. with films including I Give It A Year, Movie 43 and Gnomeo & Juliet, but he still struggles to win over the ladies.

He tells Britain’s Absolute Radio,

“I was thinking I am a player here in L.A. in my Mercedes convertible. The sun was shining, the roof was down, I pulled up to these traffic lights, there was a girl in a convertible next to me. I glanced across, she was an attractive lady and I thought here we go, this is what it is all about. And then I realised I am fundamentally not cool because as I was giving her the eye I realised I was listening to a (U.K. broadcaster) Melvyn Bragg podcast about the English Civil War. I can’t quite lose that British nerdiness, however hard I try.”

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