Sandra Bullock More Children I’d Be Totally Okay Five More’

resizedimageSandra Bullock desires  more children. Forty nine year old Bullock, who rose to fame with her role in Speed reveals five more sounds good. The Miss Congeniality star parted ways from he husband Jessie James in 2010, has an adopted three year old son called Louis. She thinks it’s time to expand their family and maybe the little boy would like to share his home with some siblings.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper:

“If all of a sudden my house had eight kids in it, if it was OK with Louis and it felt like a good safe family, I would be fine with that. It would be because that is what my home is for. So it is up to him. He is the boss of the house so I have to abide by his rules.”

The star thinks motherhood has made her more emotional and claims she get,

s “weepy all the time”.

Quizzed on what has surprised her since becoming a mother, she said:

“Oh, how much of an emotional mess I become at anything. I thought I was the most hardened, jaded individual I knew, and now I can be brought to a mess within seconds. I just get weepy all the time. It is embarrassing. We will be talking with friends and they will be like, ‘What’s wrong?’ And I’ll be going, ‘No, I’m happy!’ “

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