Rod Stewart Feels ‘Ashamed’ Of Relationships Past!

Rod Stewart is shame full of his relationships of past. The British singer known for his hit single ‘Maggie May’ is over the way he had ended them and feels embossment  for running away from confrontations with women.

He had been married three times, the three woman are Alana Hamilton, Rachel Hunter and currently Penny Lancaster. He has opened up about his past womanizing and admits that he does run away from failing romances.

He said:

 ”The one thing I am desperately ashamed of is the way I would finish relationships. I can have confrontation with a bloke but never with a woman, I just have to run away from it. It’s sad, it’s shallow and I’m embarrassed about it.”

But now the sixty eight year old rocker has also said that he is a changed man claiming that he was  ”looking for that perfect woman” in his younger days.

He revealed to the Daily Telegraph newspaper:

”It was a long time ago. I was loyal to Rachel for seven years, and I’ve been with Penny for 13.

”I think I was always looking for that perfect woman, who obviously doesn’t exist. I wanted to be married. I wanted more kids. I’m a family man, at heart.”

Still, Rod did admit he doesn’t think many men would have behaved differently, given similar ”opportunities”. He said:

”I was shagging my way round the world, like most blokes probably would if they had my opportunities.”

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