Rod Stewart Current Wife Penny Is ‘Everything’ To Me!

Rod Stewart reveals Penny is ‘everything’ to me. Stewart is a well known British singer-songwriter realize how important Penny Lancaster is to him vowing that he will devote his life to her for the rest of his life.

The Rocker did have many relationships which includes three marriages, eight children from five other woman, including Alastair who is seven years and Aiden, who is two with his current spouse. He goes on to say that he will stay with the blonde model ‘for life’ he also gives her much credit for helping him through his low times.

He said:

”I feel the same about Penny today as I did when I met her 13 years ago. She’s so sexy and she’s my best friend.

”I do get down – I get my black dogs. But they don’t last long as Penny digs me out of it.

”Like the other night, I had a bit of a sulk because I didn’t really want to go out so she stood in front of me and started dancing. That’s how she cheers me up. I said to her, ‘You could’ve been the most expensive lap dancer in the world.’

”But she’s everything to me – a great wife, a great mum and a great lover. And I’m with her for life.”

Sixty eight year old Stewart is very close to his oldest daughter Sarah, who had been raised by adoptive parents after he fathered her aged just eighteen, at first it had been difficult to create a bond, they now feel like ”family” to one another.

Speaking about Sarah, he told The Sun newspaper:

 ”She’s a great girl. I didn’t change her nappies or do homework with her like I did my other kids, so at first it was hard to feel like my own.

”But I’ve worked hard at it and now it’s beginning to feel like we’re family.”

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