Reality Star Kim Kardashian, Embroiled In Claims Of faking Pregnancy!

Kim Kardashian accusation of faking her pregnancy. She is an American socilaite known for being a member of Keeping Up With The Kardasians.

Showbiz Spy Reports!  according to a new report from the American tabloid the National Enquirer which references photographs of Kim’s baby bump apparently changing size and position — the reality star might have hatched a sensational scheme with her money-hun­gry momager Kris Jenner to fake her pregnancy while secretly having a sur­rogate mom carry a baby for her and her lover Kanye West.

“How convenient is it that Kim got pregnant just as she was making a mad push to wrap up her ongoing divorce from Kris Humphries?” a source said.

“Now Kris is claiming the delay in grant­ing a divorce is stressing Kim and the unborn baby. A fake pregnancy cleans up a lot of problems all at once and gar­ners Kim sympathy.

“It also would be an insane coincidence that Kim just so happened to get pregnant soon after she learned the girlfriend of her ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush – Lilit Avagyan — is pregnant.

“Best of all, for someone who’s always cooking up new moneymaking schemes, Kim stands to earn a windfall from her pregnancy.

“Momager Kris has to be licking her chops thinking of the money she could potentially bring in by exploiting a Kim K baby, as well as a TV special and a post-birth weight-loss deal with a diet company like Jenny Craig.

“If the pregnancy is fake, Kim has a built-in excuse to let her figure go and gain some weight, enjoying the fattening foods she truly loves.

“I wouldn’t put something as crazy as faking a pregnancy for publicity and financial gain past Kim and her crafty mom. They’d do anything for more fame and money!”

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