Peter Facinelli Father’s Day With His Three Girls Not Happening!

Peter Facinelli reveals that he misses Father’s Day with his girls. The known actor of his role in Twilight (Carlisle Cullen) had no choice but to spend with his three daughters his special day one week early, they will be out of town with their Mother Jennie Garth on that day, June 16, 2103.

 Facinelli and Garth’s divorce had been finalized just this week, as they had been separated in January 2012. They did have eleven years of marriage and he didn’t get to spend his day with his three girls Luca Bella, fifteen, seven year old Lola and six year old Fiona.

The thirty nine-year-old actor told E! News:

 ”They’re going to be out of town for a friend’s wedding, so we had Father’s Day last Sunday. We went to Universal Studios. It was really fun.”

Former ‘Beverly Hills 90210′ star Jennie has explain that they are getting used to the custody sharing occasions, last November she spent the day with them early although he spent the day with their Dad on the actual day. The forty one-year-old said at the time:

 ”This is my first shared holiday.

”Their dad and I are hammering out the details of that, which is weird. They’re actually gonna be with him for Thanksgiving and I’m gonna be with some friends, and then I get to have them for Christmas.”

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