Peter Andre’s & Girlfriends Romantic Safari Scare!

Peter Andre‘s had safari scare. The Pop music artist and reality TV star known for hits like Mysterious Girl and Flava along with his girlfriend Emily MacDonagh had been ”petrified” when they both came face-to-face with a buffalo while on a Kenya Safari. The couple while enjoying the safari and as they do love getting close to animals, they did experience some ”hairy moments”.

He said:

”We were staying in the Meru National Park and our accommodation had no windows at all, so it meant we were completely at one with nature. All that was between us and the lions and elephants was a little mosquito net!

”We saw lots of animals in the wild, including hippos, lions and elephants. It was incredible and so awe-inspiring. There were a few hairy moments though, and at one point, there was a buffalo standing about a meter away from our vehicle. Emily was petrified because they can be really aggressive. But we were in safe hands with our safari guide Paul – he was so good with the animals. He was like Dr. Dolittle. Seriously, he could talk to them!”

The couple also enjoyed some romantic time together, Andre told new! magazine:

”Ems and I had the most fantastic time you could imagine with lots of romantic time together.

”We turned off our phones while we were away and we had no Internet or TV where we were staying. It was great to get away from it all and properly relax. We enjoyed a few candlelit dinners and on the last night, we went to an amazing restaurant in Nairobi called Carnivore.

”They used to serve lots of animals that you’d see on safari, like giraffe, at the restaurant, but thankfully they are off the menu now. We did try crocodile, but I didn’t like it at all. It was really salty, ugh!”

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