Peter Andre Career Or Stay At Home Dad?

resizedimagePeter Andre, to put his career on hold. The English born Australian singer songwriter, known for hits such as Mysterious Girl and Flava is putting it on the back burner, he wants to give some time into being a stay at home dad along with his girlfriend Emily MacDonagh, when she gives birth.

This will be their first baby together sometime early next year. He wants to help her achieve her dreams of becoming a doctor. A source told Closer magazine:

Pete‘s made it clear Emily and the baby are his priority. He wants Emily to fulfill her dreams of becoming a doctor and has been saying he’s happy about being a stay-at-home dad. He’s even joked at how good he is at changing the nappies and burping.

Pete‘s career has always been hectic. He’s been open about having time out from showbiz to be a stay-at-home dad for a year, if Emily wants to complete her medical training on a placement”

Andre has two children already, one is eight year old Junior and six year old Tiaamii. However he is very excited over the new arrival and is already planning the birth.

The source added:

”He’s always saying he has to punch himself about having Emily. She’s calm and is planning a natural birth. Pete can’t wait to cut the cord. He keeps saying he feels like the baby is a gift from his brother Andrew, who passed away from kidney cancer last year. It’s a very emotional time for him.”

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