Onesie Fans Unite: Popularity Rises as the Temperatures Fall

Onesie Fans Unite: Popularity Rises as the Temperatures Fall

Call it a romper, jumper or onesie, but no matter what name you give it, one thing is certain – the popularity of these one piece outfits is on the rise. There are numbers that suggest one is eight people in the UK own at least one onesie. That – in itself – is quite impressive; however, there are numbers that are even more astronomical, suggesting that one in four people in London have a least one onesie.

Professional athletes, media celebrities, and even political figures are flaunting the onesie fashion. This is not just a trend for women either, men are engaging this trend nearly as aggressively has the women. Manchester City footballer Mario Balotelli has joined the trend madness, sporting his own fatigue printed adult onesie romper.

When celebrity fashionistas, such as Sarah Jessica Parker, endorse a trend by donning a new style, you can expect that the masses with follow suit. When it comes to establishing your cold weather wardrobe, it seems that it will be remiss without at least several rompers for multiple occasions. According to the Daily Mail, more than 12 percent of women in the UK have invested in onesies, while 10 percent of men have done the same. The numbers seem to indicate the popularity in this trend is climbing at a substantial rate.

Sales Prices

One of the sources of the sharp increase in sales seems to stem from some rather attractive sale prices that are currently on the down swing. During a recent poll, 36 percent of the participants said that their purchases were driven by current sales. The reduced prices were too good to resist.

With the global market still taking its share of bumps and bruises, fashion shoppers are tending to be a bit more frugal than usual. This has not stopped them from modernizing their wardrobes, they have simply been more prices conscious during the process. Merchandisers have not lost sight of this need to save, as it is reflected in the number of sales and the significance of the savings.

Keeping Warm

Another popular reason for the sharp increase in romper sales is that they are very practical clothing items when it comes to keeping warm. The suits provide a sense of style, while helping you stay warm as the temperatures continue to drop. Onesies make great layer options, whether you use them as the bottom middle or top layer. More than 60 percent of the people say that staying warm has a significant impact on their decision to add rompers to their wardrobe.

With rising energy costs, many Brits will be using these versatile clothing items to help keep warm when at home. This will allow them to bypass adjusting the thermostat, or at least they won’t have to raise the indoor temperature as often.

According to Fashion Tips & Tricks, the most ideal use for these rompers are as pajamas. They are very comfortable and warm to sleep in.

Staying with the Trend

Some people admit that they are purchasing these rompers because they love staying up on the latest trends. A significant number of Brits simply are rolling with the trend because the trend is so hot at the moment. How long the trend will last is not known, but there are no indicators that it will be slowing down anytime soon. According to, the craze surrounding onesies has gone beyond a simple trend. The popularity level transcends the word fad and wonders into the realm of mania.

You can see them at stores, airports, and even restaurants. Something that many fashion experts are admitting that they would have never imagined seeing, is becoming quite commonplace. Although there are many people who simply cannot imagine an adult wearing a onesie in public, there are those, who are fashionably open-minded, that are seizing the opportunity to do things out of the ordinary. Whether for warmth, fad or frugality, this trend looks to be around for a while, so if you can beat them, it is not a bad practice to join them.

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