Nicki Minaj Brutally Harsh Because I Care!

Nicki Minaj reveals ‘I’m harsh because I care’. The Trinidadian-born American rapper, singer, songwriter and television personality, who had two hit singles Super Bass and Starships now heads up American Idol as a judge admits she tries to brutally honest to contestants because she truly cares deeply for them. She has also said she feels that she owes it to them.

The star has been blasted for some harsh comments that she dishes out. Minaj told The Hollywood Reporter: ‘

‘I know that sometimes when I speak in a really blunt way like I do, people take that as me not loving and caring about these people. But I really do, I feel like they’re family to me. But I feel like I’m not doing them a service if I blow smoke up their ass, and I just refuse to do that.”

However, she still gets very upset when come contestants get eliminated, as she couldn’t hold back tears when Burnell Taylor recently had been booted off.

She said:

”I mean, when I see someone come from nothing, and their family just lost everything in Hurricane Katrina, and they had to rebuild … I remember my own childhood, and I remember how many children are out there suffering now … Burnell, not only did he have such a beautiful story, but he had such a unique voice and unique spirit. So yeah, those tears were real for Burnell.

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