‘New Girl’ Zooey Deschanel Talks Role Model Mission & Childhood Struggles!

Zooey Deschannel speaks out about her childhood struggles and how people had teased her. The New Girl star has shares her childhood struggles as she revealing her mission to become a role model. It has been easy for her to always fit in and be accepted.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan magazine the actress has opened on why she now wants to inspire young women. Remembering what she had experienced when she was younger, she revealed:

 ‘People really teased me. It was really bad.

‘Nothing could be as hard as middle school. There were in securities that I think I would have worked through a lot faster if I’d had certain tools and could have connected with certain people earlier.’

Ashe opened up about various aspects of her career

‘We [Molly McAleer, Sophia Rossi and Zooey] started Hello Giggles [hellogiggles.com] for fun, but now I feel like I’m on a mission to make it a thing that helps other women,’ the 33-year-old said.

‘If there had been a place like that for me when I was 13, I would have felt so much less alone.’

Speaking more about her website, she’s admitted that she’s hugely passionate about protecting other girls from negativity:

 ‘I was so tired of every site having these comment sections that were pure, pure toxic energy.Image, Matt Jones!

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