Naomi Watts Almost Shut The Door On Career Success!

Image00001Naomi Watts almost quit acting. Although she did have a few roles such as in Brides of Christ, Dangerous Beauty, Flirting and more. Watts expresses that it was a close call to walk away from being an actress.

As she had doubts about whether or not she could be any kind of success. In the beginning she had struggled in her Hollywood career, if even considered a stable job just to make a regular income. She said:

”In my mid-twenties I thought about it many times but I pretty much worked out there was nothing else I could do and resigned myself to the fact that I would just be an actor for hire.”

The forty four year old looks at it this now that her struggles gave her the fight for bigger movie roles. She added to InStyle magazine:

”It turned out exactly how it was supposed to. If I had got success handed to me at an early age I think I would have made terrible choices. I’ve had to work hard for everything. Nothing has ever come easily to me. I never won a raffle, you know? I’m not that person.”

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