‘Mysterious Girl’ Peter Andre Glad His Two Children Aren’t Spoiled!

Peter Andre is pleased that his children aren’t spoiled. The English born Australian singer-songwriter is happy that seven year old Junior and five year old Princess Tiaamii don’t want or ask for everything.

 The reality star reveals that he has worked real hard so his little ones do understand the value of money. Although he is well off he doesn’t give into their every whim.

He explained:

 ”The important thing is, they’re not brats. They’re very polite and they know where to draw the line. Yes, they can be cheeky, as all kids are, but they’re good children. They know money doesn’t grow on trees.”

Forty year old Andre goes on to say that when he had hit big during his musician years he was careless with his money. He wishes that Junior and Tiaamii in there own careers don’t follow in his old ways.

He told new! magazine:

 ”I didn’t save. I was irresponsible. I didn’t care. My dad once said to me, ‘One day you’re going to learn that you need to respect money and respect what you’ve got.’

”I bought a black convertible BMW M3 in Beverly Hills. I remember driving it out of the showroom and feeling on top of the world. I drove it straight to Radio City and bought the biggest sound system you could buy. I was such a twit! I don’t want Junior to get like that.”

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