Michael Douglas’s Ex Wife Diandra To Face Financial Woes!

Image00001 (500 x 734)Michael Douglas’s ex wife is facing some financial troubles. The star has been in the news lately with marriage problems in the air. What has been reported is that she owes U.S. authorities more than one million (£666,667) for taxes which have been unpaid.

Diandra, had received forty five million dollars(£30 million) from the Wall Street in 2000, now taxes need to be paid to the  America’s Internal Revenue Service in excess of one point two million (£800,000).

Editors at the New York Post’s gossip column Page Six have reported that authorities filed a lien on her.

A source tells the publication the tax discrepancy is related to a property deal and that Diandra’s accountants,

“expect this will be resolved in her favour”.


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