Mark Wahlberg Not Ready To Speak About His Past!

Mark Wahlberg is not ready to reveal his past as of yet. The former The Perfect Storm star at this time of his life isn’t ready to reveal anything about his past with his children. He has had a run in with police and he had even been put in jail for assault.

The also ‘Fear’ star who is a father to Ella, who is nine years old, Michael seven, Brendan four and Grace, who is three with his with Rhea Durham when he was just a teen was in trouble at least twenty times. Although he is not ashamed of how his past was he believes that his children may not be acceptable of his recklessly behavior.

He told Red Bulletin magazine:

”They are still young, and I’m not telling them anything until I have to. I will wait until the last possible minute.

”I certainly don’t want to hide my past, but I don’t want to make it seem like, ‘Daddy went through bad stuff and he came out OK. We can do what we want, it will work itself out,’ because that isn’t the case.

”I don’t know any other success stories of people who survived the kind of place I grew up in and the choices I made and still have the freedom and luxury to talk about it.”

Walberg is feeling lucky that he is now way past his passed, especially as he thinks about what has happened to his old friends. He said:

”Let’s say I was a petty criminal for a while, but I was lucky enough to be able to get clean, unlike most of my friends from that time, who are dead or in jail. Today, the only real vice I have is golf.”

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