Liam Gallagher In Furious Dog Fight With His Ex!

resizedimageLiam Gallagher is in the middle of dog fight. The English, known as a frontman of the band Beady Eye. He along with his estranged wife Nicole Appleton are prepared for a bad custody battle because of their beloved two dogs.

The rocker, who does have a twelve year old son Gene with the former Saints vocalist, says he is terribly missing his sausage doges, one is Ruby Tuesday and the other is Brigitte Bradot.

A source said: ‘

‘He wants to share custody of the dogs with Nicole – no way is he prepared to lose them. It’s breaking his heart not being with them.

”He’s even been visiting pet shops in Primrose Hill to get his doggy fix.”But Aplleton when it came that

However, Appleton was devastated when it came out that Gallagher had allegedly fathered a child, for this she doesn’t’t want to accommodate rockers request.

The source added to the Daily Star newspaper:

”Liam’s told Nicole how strongly he feels about the matter. But she’s in no mood to make his life easier.”

Gallagher also has a fourteen year old child Lennon and fifteen year old Molly is a big fan of sausage dogs and previously said he would do all he could to prevent the breed from becoming extinct.

He said:

”Extinction of sausage dogs? I will prevent that. I am going to buy 900 of them. I am going to prevent them from downfall.”

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