Liam Gallagher Fighting With Ex Over Access To Pet Called Bridget Bardot!

resizedimageLiam Gallagher and his ex are in a fight over a dog called Bridget Bardot. Gallagher, an English musician known s a frontman from the band Beady Eye is upset that Nicole Appleton, Canadian pop singer and former member of All Saints as he has been denied to see the dog, which he had purchased in 2011, at the time the couple split.

Well now Gallagher has checked with his lawyer in order to get access to the dogs that she shared with Appleton. Gallagher was upset this week when Appleton tweeted a photo of one of their pets a dachshund. He believes Appleton’s actions were just to get upset him more.

She posted a picture of the chocolate-brown sausage dog sitting on a kitchen worktop and said:

“How can I say no..” A few minutes later she followed it up with a second post explaining: “It’s Bridget…”

Gallagher is now seeking legal action saying he may open a civil case against the her for withholding his dog.

A source said:

Liam is besotted with his two sausage dogs Ruby Tuesday and Brigitte Bardot – especially Brigitte – but hasn’t seem them regularly since moving out of the marital home.

“Liam doesn’t want to have to ask Nicole all the time for visiting rights and understandably Nicole avoids all contact with Liam as the split is still very raw.

“It was recently claimed that Liam was considering pinching his dogs back and joked that he knew someone in the SAS who would help him.

“So it made him very upset to see Nicole posting a picture of Brigitte and he thinks she’s trying to seek revenge.

“He got on to his lawyers and said that he’s had enough and that he wants his dogs back and believes Nicole is tormenting by doing things like this.

“He’s asked to see if he can open a civil case against Nicole but if his lawyers can’t bring a case then he’s even ready to plead for custody and offer other things she wants in exchange.”

The couples spilt ame in July when it had emerged that Gallagher had fathered a love child.

A spokesperson for Liam declined to comment.

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