Liam Gallagher Close To Huge Divorce Settlement!

Liam GallagherLiam Gallagher agrees to a ten million dollar divorce settlement. The English singer/ex frontman for the band Beady Eye is said to real close to making this agreement with his ex Nicole Appleton, in order to get a quick divorce.

He had moved his now girlfriend Debbie Gwyether into his home with him which is about five minutes away from where his estranged wife now lives. He is coming close to ending the drama between the two of them.

An insider says:

“Liam has completely moved on from his marriage and wants Nicole to do the same.

“He’s told friends he is in love with Debbie and wants Nicole out of the way so he can move on and start a new life without her.

“Liam is ready to fork out £10 million in a divorce settlement to Nicole. He’s been joking with friends that she’ll be able to buy some new handbags with that.”

Noel, 41, is said to have justified the, “huge amount” because he wants to avoid a “long, messy divorce”, and wants “it all finished”.

The source further told Sundays Star:

“He knows it’s a huge amount of money but he could end up paying even more if he enters a long, messy divorce.

“At the end of the day he knows he was the one who cheated and he doesn’t have much of a defence … He has completely moved on and while Nicole is heartbroken and still struggling to accept the marriage is over, Liam wants it all finished.”

Image, Rex Features

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