Lawrence Of Arabia Star Peter O’toole Retiring Due To Poor Health!

Peter O’toole blames his poor health on his retirement. The very popular English star known for such roles as Lawrence of Arabia The Lion in Winter has blamed the reason behind his reason of stepping away from the spotlight is his deteriorating health. The star, who is eighty years old and following a fifty year career announced his retirement in 2012.

He seems to be suffering persistent health battles. During filming in 2011 he had be put in the hospital this was the push which made him consider his future. He tells Britain’s GQ magazine,

“(Retiring) wasn’t a sudden decision. I’d been a bit poorly. I’d caught some vicious viral infection in my lungs and bladder. Perhaps while filming in Kazakhstan, perhaps on the way back. The recovering gave me a lot of time to think…

“I thought of all the things I never wanted to do again. Getting up in the mornings… putting on trousers at 5.30 in the morning… Getting the old vocal equipment up to concert pitch at eight-a-f**king-clock in the morning and keeping at concert pitch until eight at f**king night. And I played leading roles right the way through (my career)… I’m 80. I don’t fancy shuffling on as a butler.”

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