Kym Whitley Opens Up About Becoming A New Mom Instanly!

Kym Whitley has opened up about her surprise motherhood. The My Brother and Me star has spoke out about being a first time mom as she decided to adopt her troubling friends baby, she has called her son the best “gift” she “never asked for”. The Along Came Poly actress just became a mom overnight. What had happened is one of her young friends did get pregnant in 2011. She made the decision to pass over her newborn baby, Joshuwa in hopes that he would have a better life with Whitley.

Whitley gives all the details of her struggles towards parenthood in the new U.S. TV docu-series Raising Whitley, she tells all about the shock of becoming a new mother overnight when a call came to changing her life forever.

She said,

 ”(My career) was on fire. And then I got the call. ‘Hello, this is the hospital calling. We have your baby ready.’ I was like, ‘I didn’t order a baby! Oh, there has to be a mistake.’”

It had been no mistake she was explained to that a friend of hers chose the star as the baby’s guardian and if Whitley, herself didn’t take in the newborn, then he would have been put into the foster care system. The fifty one year old nervously obliged:

“An hour and a half later: Ding dong! There’s Joshua. I had no idea how to take care of a baby!”

It’s now been two years past and Whitley known is her heart, it had been the right decision to make,

“He was a gift that I’d never asked for.”

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