Kylie Minogue Wants To Fight For Her Failed Relationship!

resizedimageKylie Minogue would like to fix her broken relationship. The Australian singer and recording artist first started her career as a child star and her former boyfriend Andres Velencoco parted ways after five years of being together.

The Soap Opera Neighbours star revealed that there bust careers kept them apart, well now she wants to fight to get back to the relationship she had with the Spanish model.

An insider told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper:

”They still speak every day and are beyond close.

”In some ways while they are not together, their daily life hasn’t changed because they never saw each other anyway. Kylie hopes that they can rekindle what they had and this split will be temporary.

”She is hoping they will spend Christmas together. At this stage Australia is on her mind as a place where they can work things out.”

The source added:

”Kylie and Andres split because of her workload. It just got so they never saw each other. Her signing for ‘The Voice’ [UK] was the final straw because her 2014 schedule was already punishing enough.

”The breaking point came when Andres realised 2014 would be a washout as Kylie booked ‘The Voice’, CD promotion and a word tour.

”Despite the split being a mutual decision Kylie’s not convinced it’s the right one.”

 Pacific Coast News!

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