Kimberley Walsh,31, May Soon Embrace Parenthood!

resizedimageKimberley Walsh wants to be a mom soon. The English singer and model. who rose to her fame when she auditioned for the reality show Popstars The Rivals has let the news out that she along with her long term beau Justin are planning to become parents sometime in the near future. The thirty one year old known member of the girl group Girls Aloud wants to embrace parenthood.

She admitted to new! Magazine:

”It won’t be long.”

Earlier this month, The Promise vocalist revealed that she and Justin, her boyfriend of ten years, who is a dad already are ready to have a child, but have no intentions of marrying any time soon. She said:

”We’re not too bothered about the whole marriage thing … I just think whenever it happens for us it’ll be the right time … It’s still pretty good after 10 years, we try to keep the fire alive.”

She believes she has the natural maternal instincts as she has already acted like a mother figure as the oldest member of Girls Aloud She said:

”[Motherhood is] natural and obviously something I give off. I really felt a sense of needing to look after Nadine and Nicola [Roberts]. They were 16 and I was 21 and there is a massive difference.”

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