Kenny Chesney Forever Changed By Pals Death!

Kenny Chesney‘s songwriting changed forever after the death of a friend. Chesney had been changed by a friend’s death. The Country music singer-songwriter reveals that his songwriting will never be the same after the loss of his friend. He had penned ‘Happy on the Hey Now’ to thank her for the impact that she had made on his life.

He wanted to this memory of the late Kristi for giving her thanks and goes on to say that now  many things are changed about him. Explaining the inspiration for the song, he said:

 ”Well, Kristi was a part of a really special, wonderful circle of friends that I had met in the Virgin Islands years ago. In a lot of ways, she defined that circle of friends. She defined living in the moment. She wanted everybody to be happy. When someone like that passes, when they die young, I don’t care who you are or what you do, it stops you in your tracks. It did me.

”I mean, it changed me. It changed the way I write songs. And things I used to get mad at, I don’t get mad at that much anymore. I think it changed the way I look at my relationships. If you’ve got somebody in your life that you love, you better tell ‘em, you know?

”So this song is a simple reflection of her friendship and how much she meant to people and how big of an impact she made on my life. She never knew, but this song was a simple thank you to her.”

Also one other new song of his ‘Lindy’ has been dedicated to someone else Chesney knows from living in the Virgin Islands, though they have never spoken.

He told CMT:

Lindy was a unique individual. He was a person that I never had a conversation with, and I don’t know that many people that did. He was just a person on the island.

”One night I was walking past this church on my way home, and I heard somebody in there playing piano. I walked up the steps, and there was Lindy. I was there for a couple of minutes and realized, ‘As different as our life is, here was a person alone with his thoughts and his music.’ And I realized that Lindy and I had a lot more in common that I could’ve ever imagined.”

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