Katy Perry Gets Last Laugh Now Was ‘Humiliated’ By Music Industry!

Image00001Katy Perry was ‘humiliated’ by music industry. The well known vocalist felt she was in”very uncomfortable ways” when she first started in the music industry. The Hot N Cold singer went through such a rough star, although she had been discovered in 2001 by producer Glen Ballard.

She had some odds and end until she released her debut album One of the Boys in 2008, which then she revealed was character building. She told German magazine Joy:

“You have to eat dust in the music industry. You’ll get humiliated, often in very uncomfortable ways. That period of my life was like a test of my strength.

“My philosophy is: you get presented with these challenges so you can learn to overcome them.”

Twenty nine year old Perry now gets the last laugh as she has become on of the biggest selling pop singers of the last decade.

She also reveals that her marriage to British comedian Russell Brand for fourteen months was tough.

She added:

“When I was married I kept taking breaks in between touring so I could dedicate time to my marriage. It was extremely draining, but my marriage was worth it to me.”

Perry is now in a relationship with musician John Mayer, and friends think marriage could be on the cards.

An insider said:

“Everyone wants them to get engaged. They are so perfect together.”


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