Katie Holmes Weigh Plummets Upon Tom Cruise’s Return!

In this issue of Life & Style, Katie Holmes weight has plummet, she is wasting away at one hundred and ten pounds. It seems as if Tom Cruise is suddenly back in her life, reports the magazine. It is claiming that she looked very skinny at the Met Gala in New York on May 6.

A reported guest at the ball tells says,

Katie looked shockingly thin. No one could stop staring.”

Life & Style goes on to say that she consulted a nutritional therapist, who has met Homes before estimating the actress is.

 “barely tipping the scales at 110 pounds.” Claiming her weight loss id due to “weight loss” is due to the “severe stress” of Cruise being back in New York, alleging that her ex’s return “threatens to disrupt” Holmes and Suri’s life together.

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