Karen Elson Divorce Was Awful & Emotional!

Karen Elson reveals divorce was awful. The British model, singer-songwriter also realized that the pair needed to stay friend for the children. Elson, thirty four year old along with the rocker threw a party in celebration of ending their six year marriage back in June 2011. Even though their parting ways was very emotional, she stayed ‘grown up’ in the situation.

She said:

”It’s awful. I’m not saying it isn’t. There were times when Jack and I felt, ‘What is happening here?’ It was emotional. But it’s one of those moments in your life when you realize that you are a grown-up.”

Elson had believed that she had a ”responsibility” to their two children six year old Scarlett Teresa and five year old Henry Lee to remain friends after the separation. She explained to the May edition of Britain’s Harper’s Bazaar magazine:

 ”You have a responsibility to your children. It’s not like splitting up with a boyfriend in your twenties. You are breaking up with a whole life. It’s not an easy process. But you’ve got to be friends, there is no choice. I am the product of a divorced family so I felt a responsibility to make that happen.”

Although she dealt with setback in a personal life, she is also looking forward to what the future beholds. She added:

”I’ve overcome so much, shaken off so much self-doubt. I’m like, ‘God, my life is just starting now. I have full faith in the second half of my life.”

Elson and White met when she appeared in the musical video ‘The White Stripes’ and married on June 1, 2005. The family lived in Nashville, Tennessee and announced their divorce in June 2011.

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