Julia Stiles Talks Acting & Criticism in More Magazine May 2013!

Julia Stiles talks acting and criticism in more May More Magazine 2013 issue. The well known star form Save the Lat Dance and 10 Things I hate About You is on a break from filming of her upcoming thriller “Out of the Dark,”. Photographed by Micaela Rossato, the thirty two year old opens up about her favorite acting roles and dealing with social media drama.

On her fan Facebook page:

“Oh no, do people think that’s me? That is so weird. I do have a [personal] Facebook, but it’s under a pseudonym and I just use it for friends. I have nothing to do with that [fan] page. That’s not me. My emails can certainly be ungrammatical but I don’t usually write in all caps with tons of exclamation points.”

On the roles she really enjoys:

“Sometimes I think it’s easier to play someone who’s very, very different from yourself. I wouldn’t want to play people who are just like me; that would get awfully boring very fast! Still, you can never judge your character. That’s not your job. It actually keeps you from doing your job, which is finding some kernel of feeling you can identify with, and really being in it.”

On soul searching through acting:

“I knew I wanted to do something creative, but at that point I was still wondering what else could I possibly do besides acting. But ‘Save the Last Dance’ showed me I could [act] professionally… ’10 Things I Hate About You’ was sort of the start of a slow build, but ‘Dance’ gave me a career.”

On Hollywood criticism:

“When I was a child, I would draw these little stick-figures and my mom would put them up all over the loft, and tell me how wonderful they were. Then you get out of there into the harsh reality of the world and you realize not everybody loves every little thing you do, the way your mom did… you just have to remember why you wanted to act, and where you first found the joy in it.”

Photo Credit: Micaela Rossato for More

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