Julia Roberts Hates Being Put On Pedestal!

resizedimageJulia Roberts hates seeing herself being put on pedestal. The popular Pretty Woman star although the forty five year old won herself an Oscar and being called America’s sweetheart, she does say that she doesn’t enjoy it very much being treated like a star. The My Best Friend’s Wedding actress sees herself as no less remarkable than the average person.

She said:

“People should understand that there is nothing tremendously unique about me. I have this tremendously unique job, but we are looking for the same thing, which is to be understood, honored and loved. I hate the pedestal feeling, the fake heralding.”

She is known for many movies and her name was always spoke about but now she has moved away from the spotlight since she began a family of her own which includes eight-year-old twins Hazel and Phinnaeus and a six-year-old son Henry with her husband Danny Moder, she says she no longer recognizes her old self.

She explained:

“I felt untethered, I was lost. I was walking into walls. I couldn’t sleep. I missed my family. I realized I’m not that person anymore – that person who used to travel the world by herself.”

This time in her life she prefers to be home with her children and loves her daily routine.

She added to the Mail on Sunday’s You magazine:

“Danny and I do not work at the same time, so I’m able to be really devoted to my home life, then when a job comes up that really attracts my attention, I commit to that.”

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