Jordana Brewster Shows Flawless Beach Body For Health June 2013! (Photos)

Jordana Brewster shows her fit figure in Health Magazine June 2013. The Dallas star (Elena Ramos) with the sixth installment of the action packed movie ‘Fast & Furious’ soon to premiere Brewster rocks the this issue.The thirty three year old shows off her flawless beach bod. She has been photographed by Matt Jones. She talks about how she avoids stress and chats about her mother’s fame.

On how she sticks to healthy foods:

“It’s so nerdy, but I pack my own lunches of grilled salmon and brown rice, because it helps me stay on track. Craft services [on-set catering] is hell. It’s basically sugar and salt. Sometimes when I work long hours I have trouble with sugar; they’ll keep passing me Tootsie Rolls.”

On her mother’s fame:

“My family is really active. My mom was in Sports Illustrated, and she was always going to the gym, which made me want to go. As a teenager, I used to sneak in with her and go to step class. I loved, loved, loved step, especially that move, the grapevine.”

On finding ways to clear her mind through meditation:

“I started about three years ago because I was feeling stressed, but now it’s more of a spiritual practice. I do Vedic for 20 minutes twice a day. You learn a mantra that is specific to you. People think you have to have nothing going on in your mind, but it’s OK to have thoughts come up; they are being released, so you don’t have to deal with them anymore. When I’m shooting, I’ll go on a different set and just sit. Sometimes it’s embarrassing because they’ll call me in and I’ll be a little dreamy.”

On saying goodbye to her smoking habit:

“I smoked for just a couple of years, and that was dumb. I quit in college, years and years ago. I think when you’re younger you think you’re invincible.”

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