Jon Cryer’s Ex-wife Seeking $80,000 Child Support Hike From $8,000!

resizedimageJon Cryer’s ex is seeking more child support. Cryer is very well known for his role as (Alan Harper) in Two and a Half Men. She would like to up it to eighty thousand dollars a month.

What the former No Small Affair star’s wife is accusing him of, is that their son has faced ridicule at his school because the child support that he pays now aren’t enough to cover expensive holidays and parties.

It was back in 2011 when Cryer was given the order to shell out eight thousand dollars a month, to help his ex Sarah Trigger in covering the costs which will occur in the upbringing of their thirteen year old son Charlie Austin.

In an appeal Cryer wanted the decision changed, saying Trigger only cares for the boy about four per cent of the time. And now she has filed new papers to try and get the amount increased. In documents,

“Trigger says Charlie is suffering because he can’t keep up with his wealthy school friends who enjoy “exotic vacations in the summer and winter like Europe and Thailand”.

Trigger also claims the boy’s classmates throw lavish parties and Bar Mitzvahs, the likes of which she can’t afford to compete with on the amount Cryer gives her.

The documents alleged Trigger needs the child support boost as she now looks after Charlie 50 per cent of the time.

Cryer and Twigger were divorced in 2004. He remarried in 2007 to Lisa Joyner and together they have a daughter Daisy.

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