Joan Rivers Granted Permission To Boot Out Disgruntled Neighbor!

resizedimageJoan Rivers wins court order against disgruntle neighbor. The legendary television personality and comedienne has been handed over the permission to kick out the person in question of her apartment building in New York over allegations of unpaid fees. Rivers has been butting heads over a fifteen million dollars legal battle with Elizabeth Hazan after it was said that Rivers had went a little overboard cutting off her cable and filling up her locks with glue as she filled as she her condominium bills fell behind.

Hazan, who is the property owners’ guest, claimed the funnywoman never liked her and has done everything in her power to get her out of the condo, revealing she was finally denied entry in September.

Rivers and her fellow board members hit back, insisting the dispute is not personal and is simply over the outstanding costs, which amounts to more than $200,000 in common charges.

Last month, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Anil Singh sided with Rivers’ team and ordered Hazan’s hosts to pay up before she could be let back into the apartment, but the socialite managed to convince police to allow her access as the hearing was going on.

Upon learning that Hazan had been let in, Judge Singh declined to have her forcefully removed from the property and suggested Rivers seek a separate court order to have her evicted.

Rivers’ lawyer, Kevin Smith, filed that request this week and Judge Singh ruled in their favour again on Friday, issuing a preliminary injunction banning Hazan and the condo owners from using the apartment until the debts are settled.

Celebrating the victory, Smith says,

“We think it’s a terrific decision. It basically cuts through a logjam. The ball is now in their court.”

The defendants are planning to appeal the ruling.

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