Jessie J Facing New Ankle Operation!

Jessie J is set to have ankle operation. She is known as an English singer songwriter is preparing to have a metal piece removed from her left foot coming this December.

 She had sustained this injury two years back and s still has much pain since then. What had happened is that she had tumbled fromhe a London’s Wembley Stadium during a rehearsal in 2011.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper:

”I’m getting some time off at Christmas and I’m having surgery to have the plate removed.

”It is flicking against my bone and is causing a lot of pain.

”I hurt my ankle about two years ago and it’s still causing me a lot of discomfort.

”The foot is still bruised and swells up because it won’t heal, so I’m having the metal taken out.”

Before this a bone had to put in place as part of reconstructive surgery to try to heal the ankle. At the tiem of the ordeal she had wear a cast for two months during recovery. Fot this upcoming opetration, her entended plans is to take a break over the Chritmas holidays in order to make a full recovery.

Talking about the side-effects of the metal plate, Jessie, twenty five,

 ”It sets off the security systems at airports and when I sit down it goes cold like a cow.

”I’m hoping it will be sorted at Christmas then it will be done and dusted and I can have some down time.”!

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