Jessica Hart ‘I Don’t Consider Myself Drop Dead Sexy’ For Sunday Style Australia!

Jessica Hart for Sunday Style Australia “I Don’t Consider Myself Super-Sexy” The Australian model just happens to be one of the most sought out models. she is wearing designer clothes from Portmans and Saks Fifth Avenue for this issue. the twenty seven year old spoke about  everything from her body image to her baby sister.

“I’m so proud Ashley. She’s always second-guessing herself and doesn’t feel like she’s good enough – I hate that about her, and I just wish she knew,” the Aussie beauty revealed about her sister taking up modeling. “I want her to know, because the minute she accepts that, the universe is going to move mountains for her. She’s her own restriction in life, and I just want her to know she’s amazing and she deserves everything that comes to her.”

When discussing her own body, Jessica admits,

“I don’t consider myself uber-sexy at all. And if I try to put on a sexy face, I just laugh at myself. I look ridiculous.”

In regards to her first Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Miss Hart said,

 ”It was everything you imagine it to be. But it was really odd – I didn’t feel anything except that I was meant to be there. I feel like if I’d gotten [the runway show] the year before, I wouldn’t have handled it as well. It’s almost as if it was perfect timing, the time I was meant to do it.”

“I’d been trying out to do that show for eight years in a row, and it was everything you’d expect. My mom was proud,” she adds.Photo Credit: Sunday Style Australia

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