Jason Bateman Reveals ‘Arrested Development Is The Best Job Of My Career’


Jason Bateman: ‘Arrested Development has been job of my career. He is American television and film actor. He is known for his roles in movies such as The Hogan Family and arrested Develpem has revealed that the role was the most important during his whole career.

 Arrested Development is being revived for 14 new episodes as a prelude to a planned feature film reuniting the Bluth family. Netflix will stream the episodes in May”.

Bateman promoted the revived series at the TCAs on Wednesday (January 9), telling Access Hollywood that Arrested Development is as important to him as it is the series’ loyal fans.

“This is obviously the most beneficial thing I’ve ever done in my career, for my career, the most fun I’ve ever had doing anything in my career, the people I love the most in my career, so all of those things, it was amazing to be able to be with all of them again,” the actor explained.

He went on to say:

“I had to remind myself that there was a job to do and… there are a bunch of people who appreciate the show as much as I do – the fans – and so I wanted to make sure that it didn’t suck.

“And that I [wasn't] just out there being selfish and being this close to Jeffrey [Tambor] and having fun that day. I wanted to do a good job playing the character too.”

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