James Brolin Celebrated Thanksgiving Alone While Going Through Divorce!

resizedimageJames Brolin spends Thanksgiving alone as he is going thorough divorce. The well known star several years ago was forced into spending it alone when he was going through this. At that time the award winning star was filming a movie when he just decided to celebrate it at a local restaurant, not going home to his family.

He says,

“I was sadly in between marriages… and I was on location and everyone was going home for Thanksgiving and I said, ‘I’m just going to stay,’ and I called up somebody and I said, ‘Where do we go?’ and they said, ‘Well closest place is about 40 minutes and it’s Denny’s on the main highway,’ so that’s where we went… They had a special (Thanksgiving) menu.”

However, this year, 2013, who had once been wed to singer Barbra Streisand for fifteen years gathered with his family to celebrate the occasion.

He continues,

“(We’re going to have) a smaller celebration. I’m going to my sister’s, she’s going to cook everything. Everyone’s going to meet up

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