Hugh Jackman Handled Teenage Temper Through Athleticness!

Hugh Jackman’s teenage temper has been tamed by Sports. The Australian actor known for roles such as in Les Miserables and Reel Steel credits himself for playing rugby which did save him from trouble when he was teen.

He is well known for his friendly disposition has revealed that often took some rage fits until the day he taught himself to take all his negative energy into playing the sport.

He tells Empire magazine,

 ”As a teenager I was explosively angry. I think rugby saved me, because that’s just organised violence. I would have got in a lot more fights. But I was someone who would go into a little bit of a blind rage and it was not pretty.”

Jackman also goes on to say that he still struggles with his temper at times, however though he keeps it under wraps. He adds,

”I think, just naturally, I started to calm down. Or I just made the choice to be a little bit less volatile. But as I got older there were fewer moments of that explosive rage. But even to this day they’re still there, and I probably am just better at (controlling it) or it’s just longer in between. But it’s still there and I have to work on it and I have to be very sensitive as a father – I don’t want them seeing that. Sometimes, of course, I lose it, but it’s not constructive. And it really

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