Helloween’s Andi Deris and Michael Weikath Cover Burrn! Magazine Japan February 2013!

 Helloween’s Andi Deris and Michael Weikath cover Burrn! Magazine Japan February 2013.

Wikipedia States!

Andreas “Andi” Deris (born 18 August 1964 in Karlsruhe, Germany is the vocalist and the main songwriter for power metal band Helloween, and co-founder and former lead singer of German melodic metal band Pink Cream 69. He has an active solo career, as well as his own recording studio in Tenerife.

Michael Ingo Joachim Weikath (born 7 August 1962) is the guitarist of the German Power metal band Helloween.

“Weiki” was born in Hamburg, Germany. He is one of the Helloween founding members, along with the musicians Kai Hansen (vocals/guitars), Markus Grosskopf (bass) and Ingo Schwichtenberg (drums). Along with Grosskopf he is the only other original member still active in the band. Weikath integrated the first Helloween line up in 1982. In 1984, the band had signed a deal with Noise Records and recorded two songs for a Noise compilation record called Death Metal. In this album, he was responsible for the track “Oernst Of Life”. Nowadays Michael Weikath lives in his home in Tenerife, Spain.

In a 2002 interview with Chaotic Critiques webzine, Michael Weikath was asked if the band was somewhat spiritual, pointing out the occasional spiritual themes on songs such as “Hey Lord”. Weikath replied that most of the band were Christian, except Uli Kusch.”

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