Heidi Montag Slams Fellow Contestant For Nudity Stint In ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ House!

Heidi Montag slams ‘Super Inappropriate’ Lacey Banghard. The television personality gained her fame as a cast member in The Hills has branded Banghard this name following the model’s naked stunt while in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house twice over the last few days.

The reality star vowed to bring down Banghard after she had enter the bedroom shared by contestants, dropping her towel in front of Montang’s Husband Spencer Pratt. A complaint from Montag came out as Banghard showers naked in full view instead of putting on a bikini.

Heidi said,

 ”Lacey’s just got naked while we were in there. It gets me mad, that’s for sure.

”I’m the new Paula [Hamilton]. I’ll start swinging water bottles in a second. I’ll fight her right now, she’s got nothing on me.”

Upon calming Montag down, Heidi continued to moan:

 ”I don’t wanna be around it, not around me and my husband.” The twenty old has been shocking views with her stints of nudity, maybe it’s an alleged attempt not to get voted out tonight.

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