Gwyneth Paltrow’s Change In Diet Made Her Marriage A ”Challenge”.

Gwyneth Paltrow‘s diet had changed her marriage. the Shallow Hal star has revealed because of a dramatic change in her diet it did change her as a person. leaving an impact on her marriage Coldplay vocalist Chris Martin. The forty year old actress who does share children nine year old Apple and seven year old Mosses with Martin went through a very dramatic change, she cut out wheat, dairy, sugar and processed foods. she admits her change in eating habits did make her a better person.

She explained to the new issue of Self magazine:

”You feel lighter and your emotions get smoother.

”[Before,] I had a lot of unexpressed anger. I made everyone else’s feelings more important than my own. I’d suck it up and then be alone in my car yelling at traffic or fighting with hangers in my closet when they got stuck together.

”You’re not learning anything unless you’re having the difficult conversations. Dealing with things directly changed my relationships. Sometimes when you get clear about who you are, others get less comfortable because they liked who you were. It’s changed my marriage, too, but he’s up for the challenge.”

Paltrow was also seen in Seven, Emma, Sliding Doors, A Perfect Murder and Shakespeare in Love.

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