Great British Bake Off Judge Mary Berry Pulls Shark Recipe From her Book!

Mary Berry has pulled shark recipe from her cookery book. The British food writer and television presenter known for being a judge on the Great British Bake Off judge, has done so following an angry reception from fans.

She had update her book now a second time back in February. Readers had spoke out to say that the recipe for ‘shark with tropical salsa’ was irresponsible as shark numbers are plummeting due to illegal hunting.

Graham Buckingham, of shark and marine conservation charity Bite-Back, said:

“No modern cookbook should include recipes for shark and other threatened species.

“The last thing the marine environment needs is more people asking fishmongers for shark and swordfish because Mary Berry thinks it’s OK.”

The campaign does reveal that ninety per cent of the shark populations in some species have been wiped out over thirty years. Sixty of the four hundred species are now endangered.

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