Glee’ Chris Colfer Singing Is His Biggest Fear!


Chris Colfer has a singing fear even though he has appeared in the musical show Glee since the year 2009. The actor, singer and author still comes down with a bad case of nerves when he needs to perform in the public eye and as of yet has not conquer his stage demons.

He told Vulture:

“I never participate in group singing activity. I do [Glee] to conquer my fear, my fear of public singing, and I never actually do conquer it.”

He also goes on to say that he need to try and stop himself from shaking when arriving on stage in front of large crowds, he does prefer to sing in the comfort of a recording studio.

He said:

 “It’s so different to sing in the studio, to record a song with just you and the engineer. That I can do.”

“[Singing in public is] such a complex mindset because I think about how the judgment is on me, and how I sound alone. It’s nerve-wracking.

“Being part of Glee is like being in musical theatre school, with people singing and doing duet-offs in between scenes. I just save it for on-camera.”

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