Gemma Arterton Reveals My Mother Is My Main Inspiration!

 resizedimageGemma Arterton: My mother is my main inspiration. an English actress, best known for roles in Quantum of Solace and Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters admits that her mother Sally Anne is her most influential inspiration teaching her lessons that helped her well in to her adulthood. The twenty seven year old gives much credit to for giving her confidence to do all she can with her life.

Her mother was a single parent, bringing her up alone has also learnt learnt about hard work and the importance of being yourself from her mum.

She said:

”I have to thank my mother for giving me confidence. She brought up me and my sister on her own and never talked about any problems. I really appreciate how one woman could work hard and be a great mum at the same time. My mum Sally worked at two jobs, as a cleaner and seamstress … I am no campaigning feminist, but just seeing her set an example makes me convinced that women can do anything so long as they have belief in themselves … Her ability to look after and protect my sister and myself made us always feel optimistic about life. It allowed me to make decisions, both good and bad, and not feel restricted.”

The actress, who’s relationship is good with her father welder Barry Arterton also gives credit to her mother with providing her with her artistic nature.

Gemma,her mum and other family members would often play instruments together, she insists that Sally-Anne created a household in where you could express yourself.

In an interview with The Sun newspaper, she explained: ‘

‘Mum took me and my younger sister, Hannah, to music festivals like Glastonbury and Womad, and made sure I learned the guitar from about the age of seven. My sister and I used to have little jam sessions with her. In truth, mum was a bit of a punk in those days … Any artistic ability I might have comes from her. She was always taking an interest in art and visiting places. And she’s never boring – she still goes clubbing! Mum always seems much younger than she is.”

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