‘Gangster Squad’ Actor Ryan Gosling Relating To Others Too Difficult!

 Ryan Gosling can’t relate to others. The Canadian actor and director and known for roles in movies such as Goosbumps and Breaker High does express that he finds it hard sometime to relate to other people because of his ”unconventional” upbringing.

The star had rose to fame at the age of twelve being part of the Mickey Mouse Club, and also being home schooled his current A-list status, means it is hard for him to understand other people’s perceptions of life.

He said: ‘

‘Sometimes I find it hard to relate to other people’s perceptions of the world and how they live.

”I grew up in a very unconventional way, where I’ve been working since I was eight and literally spent several years living in Disneyland. I don’t see myself as belonging anywhere except to this small world you find on film sets and the one I create for myself with my friends.”

The thirty year old has felt like an outsider for a long time and never had ambitions to get a conventional job. He told Britain’s OK! magazine: ‘

‘I always thought of myself as an outsider because I didn’t have the same kind of life other kids did.

”I was indulging in a fantasy world living on the set of the ‘Mickey Mouse Club’.

”I probably grew up with a more adventurous and mysterious perspective on everything and I didn’t have any particular drive to go to college or become a doctor or lawyer or work a normal nine-to-five job. I feel very privileged to have been able to lead the kind of life I’ve had so far.”

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