Farrah Fawcett Secret Love Affair Comes To Light In Lawsuit!

resizedimageFarrah Fawcett had a ‘secret love affair in final years. Her ex is claiming this. Fawcett was most popular for her role as Jill Monroe in the television series Charlie’s Angels and now her alleged affair has come to light in a court battle to whom owns a twenty million dollars Andy Warhol portrait of the actress.

And old flame, sixty seventy year old former football star Greg Lott is claiming the facts are that her first dated the beauty when they both attended the University of Texas, then in 1998 their romance sparked again and remained as a couple for eleven years until her death at the age of sixty two. Although she had a close romantic relationship to actor  Ryan O’Neal, Lott reveals that he was her true love.

Farrah Fawcett and I reunited in a relationship, a loving, consensual one-on-one relationship. No other boyfriends. No other girlfriends,” Lott told ABC News in America.

Lott, now a car dealer is also alleges that O’Neal prevented him from seeing Fawcett in her final days.

“He kept me from seeing the love of my life before she died,’ he said. ‘Photos don’t make a relationship. I know what I had with her. He didn’t have that. He blew it.”

Fawcett and O’Neal never married but famously dated from 1979 until 1997 and had a son, Redmond, together and he was always in her life.

“Lott’s revelations came to light in a court battle O’Neal is waging with the University of Texas over one of two Warhol paintings of the iconic TV star.

In her living trust, Fawcett left all of her artworks to her old university, but when the collection was handed over it was discovered that one of the valuable portraits was hanging up in O’Neal’s bedroom. What Lott, seventy two is claiming is that before Fawcett’s death in 2009 she gave him the painting so that he could pass it on to their son.

Fawcett didn’t include O’Neal in the trust, but left £62,000 to Lott, who is expected to testify in the case that it was the actress’s wish to bequeath all her artwork to her alma mater and that she never gave up ownership of either Warhol portrait.

O’Neal’s representatives released a statement yesterday accusing Lott of trying to profit from an alleged relationship that was ‘absurd and completely uncorroborated.”

Photograph: Rene Macura/AP!

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