Famous Celebrities And Their Fondness For Bingo

During their free time, many celebrities spend their time watching NBA games, playing poker in casinos, or having a good time in the Caribbean or the Bahamas. While some celebrities think that their leisure time is best spent at gaming venues and beautiful islands, for Russell Crowe, Robbie Williams, Paris Hilton, and Ricky Tomlinson, spending free time at the bingo hall is preferred.

Bingo may be an old game, but many look upon it fondly. The game’s exciting nature (which has now extended online) will always have fans coming back. Nothing beats the feeling of being the first to shout “Bingo!” when the last number to complete the card is called.
Russell Crowe, who recently played the role of Superman’s father in the movie Man of Steel, is an avid bingo fan. In fact, he worked as a bingo caller in Australia before he became a famous movie star. He admits that still has a soft spot for the game and goes to local bingo halls whenever he has the time.

Robbie Williams is another A-list celebrity who remains hooked to the game. He even has a video on his website showing him and his friends playing bingo in the middle of the ‘Advertising Space’ video shoot. In 2011, he was also one of the main guests at a joint Breast Cancer Research and Cheekybingo.com charity bingo event, where he went on to win a rather fetching leopard-skin handbag.
Paris Hilton is also a big fan of bingo. She has been spotted at many charity bingo events along with Tinseltown actors Daryl Hannah and Courteney Cox.

Finally, we have Ricky Tomlinson’s amusement towards the game. This led him to write a song about it during the peak of his ‘The Royle Family’ fame. The English actor, comedian, and activist released a video and song in 2007 to show his love for bingo.

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