Eva Mendes Tongue-Tied Over Ryan Gosling!

resizedimageEva Mendes can’t even speak about Ryan Gosling. She is an actress and ,model, who appeared in such movies as The Place Beyond the Pines and Ghost Rider and she does tell that her ability to talk when she is confronted about her relationship to Ryan Gosling, is weird. She finds it just hard to talk about her love life.

The thirty nine year old insists that she just shuts down when she had been question about she and Ganster Squad ‘s relationship. Asked about her romance with Ryan, she responded: ”I’m sorry. I’m shutting down.

”I’m such a weirdo. I literally lose my ability to speak – and you were doing so well.”

The thirty nine year old did respond to the possibility of marriage and start a family of their own. She reveals she tries to ignore gossip.

She told The Edit magazine:

”I live in a very protective kind of bubble that I’ve created for myself.” Mendez has always been quiet about their relationship, saying you can ask but i just won’t answer.

She had said:

”You can ask about my boyfriend. I just won’t answer.”

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