Eva Mendes Looks Are No concern To Her!

 Eva Mendes is not concerned over looks. She is known as actress, model and singer. The star has had numerous roles such as Training Day, Out of Time, Hitch and many more. She is reportedly in a relationship with actor Ryan Gosling and she was said to have made herself as plain as possible for her audition for director Derek Cianfrance.

“I went kind of Jersey Girl on him. I looked like s***. Most of the time when you go to an audition, even if it says the role calls for a non-glamorous look, you put on a little concealer or something. But this time I wore almost zero make-up,” she said.

“I bought this old-school hair gel, Dep — it costs like a dollar — and I wore this dark, dark eyeliner. That was the only make-up I used.

“I just went for the look I thought would suit the character and Derek could see my dedication.

“I lost about 15lb for the film because I thought it would add to her sense of being a little lost or sadder.

“I wanted her to look like she had gone through a lot in life and look as unsexy as possible.

“I’ve gained most of the weight back because that was a lot for me to lose. I don’t like the hard and toned look.”

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