‘Drinking Buddies’ Olivia Wilde Is Such A Diva!

Olivia Wilde gets demanding. The actress and fashion model has appeared in a number of films such as House, Tron, Legacy and In Time star had apparently was agreement to wed her boyfriend Jason Sudeikis if she had the permission to find and destroy all memento’s from all his past girlfriends.

 “Olivia told Jason she’d marry him only if he’d let her rummage through his place and get rid of any pictures, letters, videotapes, scrapbook pictures, mementos… whatever she could find!” a source said.

“Jason’s so totally whipped, he agreed to her demand, so Olivia — absolutely determined to wipe the slate clean — didn’t leave a closet or drawer untossed.

“She destroyed old photos, letters and whatever else she could find, until there wasn’t a trace of girlfriends past!”

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