Denise Van Outen Much Determination To Save Her Marriage!

Denise Van Outen reveals ‘I’m Determined To Save My Marriage’. She is known for being an English actress and television presenter and her most notable roles have been in The Big Breakfast and Chicago has given her whole devotion to every day in a bid to hold on to marriage. Van Outen and musical theater actor Lee Mead did wed back in 2009, they share a daughter together two year old Betsy.

Reported reports do suggest however that their romance is hitting a low point due to their busy schedules. Last year she had been a contestant on Dancing On Ice. Mead had been attending auditions in Los Angeles during the busy pilot season. Van Outen vows she will do everything she can to save her marriage,

She tells Britain’s Hello! magazine,

“Yes, he’s home. We’ve had loads of time apart while he’s been doing pilot season in L.A. I’ve been honest about this, in that when you have loads of time apart it’s difficult because you start getting on with your own lives.

“So, obviously he’s back and as a family we’re spending lots of time together, because that’s what you have to do.”

Despite her determination to avoid the divorce courts, van Outen confesses she is reluctant to relocate to the U.S. if her husband lands a role Stateside, adding,

“I don’t personally want to uproot and move over there because Betsy is just starting pre-school. But loads of people do the same… If you have kids you just have to work it out what is best for you.”

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