Dear Abby (Pauline Friedman Phillips) Advice Columnist Dies At 94!

Pauline Friedman Phillips dies at 94. The original Dear Abby (1955), American advice columnist and radio show host known as writer Abigail Van Buren fro over forty years along with her identical twin, who alsowrote an advice column, as Ann Landers. Her column which debut in 1956 in the San Francisco Chronicle, would say,

Dear Abby:

 ”What would you do with a man who refuses to use a deodorant, seldom bathes, and doesn’t even own a toothbrush?”

“Absolutely nothing,” she replied.

She passed away on Wednesday in Minneapolis, according to a statement from Universal Uclick press syndicate. Her family had announced she had Alzheimer’s disease in 2002, the year her twin sister had died.

Dear Abby is said to be one of the most widely syndicated column, appearing in more than one thousand four hundred newspapers and as many as ten thousand letters a week, this according to the syndicate.

Form the year 1939 she was married to scion of the National Pressure Cooker Co. She worked from an office in her home as she started sharing a byline with her daughter, Jeanne Phillips, in 2000 turning column over to her two years later.

“My mother leaves very big high heels to fill, with a legacy of compassion, commitment and positive social change,” Jeanne said in a statement. “I will honor her memory every day by continuing this legacy.”

The youngest of four daughters of Jewish immigrants from Russia, the twins were born in Sioux City, Iowa, on July 4, 1918, and given the confusing names of Pauline Esther Friedman (the future Abby) and Esther Pauline (Ann). They were nicknamed Popo and Eppie.”

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